Are Bo Buggles Paints OK To Use Around The Eyes & Lips?

We sometimes get asked by our customers if they can use our paints around the eye and lip area. We send the following response to anyone who asks and thought we'd share it on our site to keep you all informed:

Our face paint packaging has the standard face paint warning "do not to use around the eyes and lips". You'll find all brands have the same warning on their packaging, or say a variation of it, or something like "do not use red colors near the eyes and blue colors near the lips".

The reason is the FDA has not approved some red and yellow pigments for eye area use and some blue pigments for lip area use, we understand, due to potential staining issues. 

To make it less confusing we say a general warning on our packaging: "do not use around eyes and lips" so customers don't have to remember which colors they can use around those areas.

However, the reality is 12 out of our 24 classic colors are completely fine around the eyes and lips and the other 12 - some of them can be use around the lips but not eyes, and some neither eyes nor lips! 

We know that many people despite this, use all colors around the eyes and lips without issue. It's a personal preference. If you do want to use the colors around the eyes and lips, we recommend test a small area first. We haven't had any issues reported to us.

Below is the table of which of our classic colors are OK to use around the eyes and lips, according to the pigments the FDA says are OK for those areas: