Cruelty Free and PETA registered

Bo Buggles have always been cruelty free, but it is time we shouted about it a bit more! Get the lowdown on what cruelty free means:

What is "Cruelty Free"?

Simply put, being a cruelty free company means we do not test our products or ingredients on animals.

Why is being Cruelty Free important?

At Bo Buggles we are animal lovers. The founder and CEO grew up with animals and currently has a dog and a cat. We believe that testing on animals is unnecessary and cruel. Being cruelty free means we don't support the practice of testing on animals and that is important to us and a lot of our customers.

But your products are made in China right? Don't they test on animals there?

China made cosmetic products are not tested on animals simply because they are made in China. Only cosmetic products sold in China by law must be tested on animals, no matter where in the world they are made. We do not sell our products in China, so they are not subject to mandatory animal testing.

Is it the same as Vegan?

No it is not the same as vegan. Cruelty free products although not tested on animals can contain animal related ingredients, such as Shellac.

So are Bo Buggles vegan?

We very nearly are and are working to be 100% vegan. Currently all of our products are vegan with the exception of our Neon FX palette because the blue color contains "Shellac". Shellac is an ingredient that comes from the lac bug and is commonly used in cosmetics. It is not considered vegan. At the moment we are restricted in the pigments available to us to make the unique FDA compliant Neon colors in the palette. When we can make it without Shellac, we certainly will. Read more about the Neon FX palette.

Is Bo Buggles PETA registered?

Yes we are! We are registered in their "Beauty without Bunnies" program and can be found on their website by searching for "Bo Buggles" on their database of registered companies here: