New Site. New Palettes

Here we are in 2019, entering our 4th year online bringing you professional face paints at amazing prices. We have successfully launched our new site with colorful tones to reflect the color in our brand, plus new products!

New Classic Color Palettes

We are proud to introduce our Pro Palettes. With all 24 colors from our classic color range split into Classic Color Palette No. 1 and Classic Color Palette No. 2 so you can sample all the classic colorful delights in two neat and affordable palettes.

Metallic FX Palette

You will be stunned at the amazing shimmering brand new Metallic FX palette, with shades which you won't find anywhere else. Apply liberally and take a pic under bright lights to see your skin sparkle!

Neon FX Palette - FDA compliant Neons!

Our brand new Neon FX palette is one of the only Neon face paint palettes that can actually call itself "Face Paint". That's because we have only used the latest FDA compliant pigments. If you've been face painting with other brands, you might be familiar with the Neon face paint warning that says something like "for special FX use only" or "not for cosmetic use" - that's because they use unrecognised pigments. But we wanted to offer a different choice, so our customers could be 100% confident they were using a product that was FDA compliant, labelled "Face Paint" and approved for cosmetic use. You'll notice all 6 colors look as good as any other bright neon in daylight, and glow under UV light, with the exception of the green which has a fainter UV glow - that's because there isn't an FDA compliant green UV pigment yet. When there is, we will use it!

The Ultimate Palette Bundle

How's this for a deal? You can buy all 4 palettes together in the perfect bundle which includes our best discount of 20% off all 4 palettes and free shipping! Check it out before we stop offering it: