What makes Bo Buggles Neon paints special?

Why choose Bo Buggles Neon face paints over any other brand? It's simple really, they are safe to use and FDA compliant!

But hang on a second, we hear you say, don't all cosmetic products sold in the US have to be safe to use and FDA compliant? Surely brands couldn't sell "cosmetics" if they weren't!

Well this is where it gets a bit tricky. If you are a professional face painter, you will probably know about the controversy that surrounds Neon face paints. 

Most Neon face paints sold in the US are not actually intended for cosmetic use i.e. you're not supposed to put them on your skin. This is because most brands that make Neon face paints that are bright and bold in daylight and also glow bright under UV light, use pigments that are not recognised by the FDA. Many of these pigments don't even have an official name. Now, these brands will argue that they have independently tested their paints with dermatologists who have said they are safe to use on skin, however we are relying on the brands for this opinion rather than an official body like the FDA.

Despite claims that their paints are skin-safe, these brands will still label their products "not for cosmetic use" or "for SFX use only" or "for hair and prosthetic use only". If you see these warnings on packaging, then your paints are not FDA compliant and are not intended for use on skin, according to the FDA. Some painters are happy with this and will use them on skin anyway, but some painters won't put these Neons on their or anyone else's skin.

However, to make matters even more complicated, there are a lot of brands who will sell Neon face paints that are not even labelled with a warning. They knowingly sell paints that are not intended for skin use as cosmetic products. Many of these products are found on Amazon and even have good reviews, so it can be confusing to know what to buy.

So what do you do? Well it depends on what you are comfortable with. As already mentioned some people are happy to take a chance on an unknown brand, or a known brand with the relevant warning on the label, and put it on their skin anyway.

We are not here to judge anyone as it is a personal choice. We are here instead to offer a different choice in our Neon FX palette.

We spent a long time testing different combinations of FDA compliant Neon pigments, and eventually formulated our Neon FX palette. It uses only FDA compliant pigments and ingredients. The colors in the palette are: Red, Pink, Orange, Blue, Purple and Green. All 6 of the colors look bright under normal light, and when you turn on the blacklight/UV light, 5 of them glow brightly (only the green does not glow as brightly due to the limited FDA compliant Neon pigments available to us). We would love to have an FD compliant yellow and also make the green glow bright green under UV light, but at the moment there are only a handful of FDA compliant Neon pigments, so we are limited in what we can produce. Check out the swatches of our Neon FX palette below:

We are offering what we think is a real alternative to the current Neons available today, and if you are painting anyone else you can be confident you are using only FDA compliant Neon face paints.