Face and body painting is an ancient practice spanning centuries. Throughout history, people have expressed themselves through the medium of body art, whether it be war paint, tribe identity or simply conveying their personality. Today face and body painting has seen increased popularity as a form of personal expression, showcasing artistic talent, and to simply have fun at a birthday or Halloween party by dreaming up and creating the next new design.

Bo Buggles pro paints were envisaged as a brand that could deliver high quality in all of its products, whether it be the pro range or kids range of paints and paint kits. Our story began in 2015 and we have grown to be a premier online provider of face paints for kids and adults.

Our paints are highly pigmented, glycerin-based and water-activated. All ingredients are safe, FDA approved and include no animal products. A little goes a long way and our colors are vibrant and varied. With new shades you won't have seen elsewhere, Bo Buggles offers a real alternative to other brands.

Pro painters demand quality... and quality is what we deliver.