Original Buggly Kids Face Paint Kit
Original Buggly Kids Face Paint Kit
Original Buggly Kids Face Paint Kit
Original Buggly Kids Face Paint Kit
Bo Buggles

Original Buggly Kids Face Paint Kit

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If you want the best kids face paint kit around, look no further. You see, we put the same paints from our pro range into our kids kits, so you can expect the same high quality we would only allow to go into any of our products. Let your imagination run wild at your next kids party with the Bo Buggles Original Buggly face paint kit for kids.

  • Water-activated, glycerin-based.
  • Pro quality, safe, independently tested to meet FDA standards.
  • Easy to apply. Wash off with soap and water.
  • Suitable for beginner to expert.

What's included: Vibrant and bold 4g glycerin-based, water-activated pro paints in 9 colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow, light green, purple, pink and bright orange. 3ml pro glitter dusts in 2 colors: gold and silver. 2 brushes (filbert and liner). 2 sponges. 30 adhesive stencils.

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  • How should I store it?

    The Original Buggly Kit should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. We also recommend you put it in a sealed plastic bag like a zip lock bag to keep it fresher for longer.

  • What is the shelf life?

    The shelf life is 24 months for the paint and 36 months for the glitter. 

  • Are the stencils reusable? or a one time use?

    You can use the stencils about 3 to 5 times depending on how careful you are with them. They are adhesive stencils so will eventually run out of their adhesive/sticky quality.